Business Owners: Claim Your Free Listing on Patch!

When Patch hits the 'refresh' button in a couple of weeks, small businesses will love what we've done with their listings. Claim your listing in advance to be ready!


We're so excited about the updates we are rolling out to our Patch users in a couple of weeks. Among the most exciting: the transformation of our Directory from a simple listing of information to an interactive platform for Madison's business owners.

It's all the same great information about each business that our users have come to rely on, but on the new Patch, each business will have its own 'group'.

(Here's a sneak peak from our sister site, Garden City Patch.)

Each business owner who has already claimed his or her listing still has it — but in the group format, Patch offers so much more. We encourage business owners who have not yet claimed the listing to do so now, in order to reap all the benefits of the new Patch right away.

What does the group mean for the business owner?

  • You can use your Facebook and Twitter networks to invite people to follow your Directory Group and keep current and future customers updated at the same time.
  • You will have a direct connection between you and your community. You can view who in the community is following your group.
  • No time or money to create/run your own blog/website? Now your listing will have terrific blog-like features (photo posting, article linking, commenting) without the hassle of having to maintain separate pages.
  • The updated business rating system is more protective of your local reputation while still allowing customers to provide genuine feedback to you and their neighbors. You have the flexibility to accept followers of your group. You can limit who is commenting on your group and you can make your biggest fans managers of your group to help you.
  • You can upload your logo as a group icon. This will appear whenever anyone in the community sees your business information in the directory, reviews which groups to follow, or sees content reposted from your group.
  • The unique Patch algorithm suggests groups to users based on their site activity, hence your actively managed Directory Group will be suggested to future customers.

Every registered user on Patch will still be able to review businesses.

If you have a business that you'd like to list on Madison Patch, go to this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and fill out form and hit submit.

Check out some of the listings in these categories on Madison Patch:

Sadly No December 05, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Just like comments, if Pem doesnt like your business, will she delete your business listing?
Herb December 08, 2012 at 03:48 PM
The mere fact that she let your lovely comment go through pretty much tells it all!!! I would like to wish you Happy Holidays in hopes that something might improve your outlook!!


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