10 Day Yoga Journey, Day 3: Discovering New Subtleties!

This is Day 3 in a Ten Day Yoga Journey by Bob McCandlish.


Morning class stiffness makes my body feel completely different from afternoons and evenings. My practice intention for today is “Peace.” I knew most of the poses before coming to Inner Strength although Petra has shown me new ones too. 

Repetition is the Way

The repetition of them from day to day leads you to a slightly hazed state like the feeling between awake and asleep. In that place I find silence, space and calm. I can sense my feet more throughout the pose flows; I feel my base more evenly. I go into a pose and settle into it in subtle two-step way that feels more comfortable, especially to my right hip. My tree pose today felt steadier with my arms out and hands alive with energy like healthy tree branches are.

Set your Mind and Heart Open to Receive

Like yesterday, I went to the health club afterwards and did aerobic exercise. I am a bit fatigued but the exertions are a part of this journey. You go through physical motions, aches and warm-ups creating softer, more pliable tissues that lead to sitting and being in mind and soul spaces. In shivasana, the final pose of deep relaxation, calm and peace was felt. A teacher recently gave me a precious gift. She said, “Shivasana is not a passive pose. It is an active receiving pose to remind you of the support you enjoy from the floor, the earth and the universe.” This changed my spaced out daze at the end of class to a “wide awake” one, eager to absorb all the goodness of life and my practice. There is a HUGE difference when you make this distinction. I like setting intentions for class because it gives it all personal purpose and meaning.

I believe in the sacred nature of the individual and all living things. “Namaste” means something like, “The light in me (that makes up and binds all living things) recognizes and honors the light in you. The customary class ending prayer and utterance of “Namaste” seals in the goodness of the practice. How wonderful to say. How wonderful to feel.

Petra’s Ending Prayer

All prayers are filled with good wishes. I like many. Petra’s sits well with me for its simplicity and clarity of purpose. By the time we are done, I am floating so “simple” works very well for me!

It goes like this:

Put your hands in prayer in front your chest and look down towards your fingertips so we are bowing our heads.

Thumb knuckles between your eyebrows: “May peace be in your thoughts.”

Thumb knuckles to your lips: “May peace and may kindness be in your words.”

Thumb knuckles to your chest: “May peace, may kindness and may love be in your heart and shine thru all of your actions.”

Thumb knuckles back between your eyebrows: Let´s seal in the benefits of our practice, bowing forward and saying Namaste! (www.innerstrength-yoga.com)

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Petra Axlund Stegman May 05, 2012 at 11:37 AM
Another great blog post! Hope to see you at Inner Strength Yoga this weekend!
Bob McCandlish May 07, 2012 at 01:31 PM
LOVED class yesterday. Thank you! Want to reach out to men thru my blog and will try int he next installment. I have linked it to my Facebook and LinkedIn networks. Hope it all brings great and loving community to both of us.


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