Make A Bank!

You can teach your child how to save money with this easy-to-make project

It's never too early to start learning how to save money! Here's an easy bank that will help your child begin to get the idea of stashing the cash (or coin).

What you need

An empty Kleenex box


Paint, or magic markers, or pencils - anything that your child can use to make a picture

Anything you'd like to use as decoration. This could be stickers, beads, sparkles, plastic animals, artificial flowers, cut-out animals or people from magazines - anything you can imagine, you can use.

Cover the Kleenex box with paper. You can wrap it around some of the sides and glue it, or you can cut the paper to fit the sides and then glue it - whatever works.

Cut a piece of paper to fit the top, and cut a slot that will go over the slot at the top of the Kleenex box. This is where your child will drop in the money.

Have your child decorate the bank however he or she wants!

Place the box on a bureau or nightstand and encourage your child to put money in it every day.

When did you learn to save money?


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