Golf Club Covers To Knit For Your Clubs, Or His

Not Mine, I Gave My Clubs Away

I gave my golf clubs away.  I really didn’t even have them long enough to consider them mine.  We had lived in a place called Sherwood Forest, Maryland and we had our own nine hole golf course.  A neighbor gave me her extra set of clubs, but I’m sure she caught on when she never saw me on the course.  Actually, I take that back.  My favorite time on the golf course was in January when we could ice skate on the greens.  Don‘t cringe.  They were sand greens.  It was harmless.  Really. 

You can tell my love for the game is right up there with my love of broccoli;  there is  none.  If I were ever going to learn how to play, Sherwood would have been the place.  We could walk to the first hole from our front door.  Neither of us played golf when we bought the house, but it was the closest thing we could find to New England.  I think that’s when my husband decided to take it up.  And why not?  As an air traffic controller working the mid shift, he had all day to play!  Right after he got his sleep I mean (hmmm…..another story for another time).  He began picking up used golf clubs here and there, got his first golf bag, pulled out all of the old Izod shirts and poof; he was a golfer.  Even the boys learned how to play.  Golf was an integral part of Sherwood Forest Summer Camp.  It was simply something all of the kids did there.  No golf for me at Burr Brook Day Camp in Chester.  I liked it that way.

My friend Diane’s son is the captain of the golf team at Villanova.  Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.  She travels all over the East Coast to watch him play (and walk, and play, and walk).  I wonder how many miles she’s clocked by the end of the season!  We had an opportunity to see Brendan play against Navy in Annapolis last fall.  It’s a beautiful course and it was a gorgeous day.  I was feeling very patriotic.  After all, we were at the Naval Academy Golf Course!  My oh-so-proud-to-be-in-the-Navy, golf-playing dad would have given anything to play there.  This was fun, right?  I didn’t wear my most comfortable shoes and I admit, after several holes, the blisters began.  But I was there to support Diane and Brendan and I wouldn’t let on!  She is so proud, and rightfully so.  I tried, I really did.  I just felt the need for speed; something that doesn’t happen at the golf course.

So when my husband asked for golf club covers for Father’s Day, all of these memories, past and present, came flooding back.  My first reaction was “You’re not my father.”  Then I caved in and said “But you ARE the father of my children”.  So I offer this pattern to you for your clubs or his.  Not mine.

Knit Golf Club Covers

*This is an older pattern that I’ve adapted for newer sized clubs.  If you’d like to make them for an older set of clubs, email me and I’ll send you the original pattern.  The number of stripes on the cover denotes the club it is for.  The sample I knit is for a driver.

400 yds of worsted weight washable yarn for main color
200 yds of same in a contrasting color
#4 and #6 needles (straight or circular, pattern is not knit in the round)

With larger needles and main color, cast on 44 sts.  Work in k2 p2 rib for 5 inches.  Change to smaller needles.  K2 tog, p2 tog, repeat across row.  Work in k1 p1 rib for ½ inch.  Change back to larger needles.  Inc in each st by knitting in the front and back of the stitch.  Repeat this across row.  Purl next row.  Inc in every other st across next row.  Purl next row.  Work in St st for 18 rows ending with a purl row.  Change to contrasting color and knit 8 rows in St st (you are now working on the stripe).  Change back to main color and work St st for next 10 rows. 

Next row (k2 tog, k1, k2 tog) repeat across row.  Purl one row.  Next row, k2 tog across row.  Purl one row.  Next row, k2 tog across row.  Purl one row.  Cut working yarn, leaving an 18” tail.  Using a needle, draw tail through sts remaining on needle and with right sides together, sew up back seam.  Make a pompom following the photos I’ve included or go to www.knittinghelp.com for additional instructions.

Repeat process for all clubs you wish to cover, changing number of stripes to go with corresponding club. 

tog - together                                                       inc - increase
st - stitch                                                              St st - stockinette stitch


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