Your Blizzard Pictures!

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Do you have some you'd like to share? You can do that here!


Thank you to those of you who uploaded pictures to our "Share Your Blizzard" story! 

They are being republished here in this story, and you are welcome to post any new pictures here as well. 

The outstanding photos of downtown, Stop & Shop, and adorable dog enjoying the snow were submitted by Malcolm Nicholls, who not only managed to open Madison Wine Shop right on schedule, but was also deputized as our downtown Madison reporter thanks to his many contributions, including photos and information. He was our eyes and ears downtown when most of the rest of us could not get there. 

Thanks to Beth Crowley, our town librarian and frequent Madison Patch contributor, for the pictures of the snowed-in hot tub, and adorable dog number 2. 

Thanks to Christopher Jennings Penders for the pictures of his snowed in car, something that all of us are dealing with. Chris, a photographer who also writes frequently for Madison Patch, said it was like a version of "Where's Waldo," only  this time it was "Where's My Car." 

Michele Cahill shared her photos of birds trying to deal with all of this snow. 

Eileen Banisch contributed several photos as well, incuding the White Green. 

Chris Rotermund shared a picture of her adorable dog [yes, if it seems like I think all dogs are adorable, you got that right]. 

Rachel Miller shared pictures of a collapsed tree, a collapsed portable garage, an exuberent child [that's the right attitude, kid!], and yet another adorable dog, Julio, along with other photos.

Phylicia Bova shared her picture of the cute kid in the onesie [I love pictures of kids in onesies] who wants to go outside and play in the snow. 

Lynda Montesi shared another picture of a child having fun in the show, Audra Montesi "just chillin'." And we have Lynda clearing off her car [good for her for getting on that early, I still have half of mine to go], and pictures of Fairview Drive. 

And, from Richard, a view from the porch. 

Thank you to all of you for your help covering this historic blizzard and letting us know what it looks like around Madison! 

What else are you seeing out there? Let's see it! And stay safe while you're out there ... this is a crazy amount of snow. 

Editor's Note: Due to some technical difficulties with an earlier version of this story, this one is being moderated. It may take a little while for your photos to appear while they are being reviewed. Thanks for your patience! 


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