What, Exactly, Is The Happiness Club And What Goes On There?

And What Do They Mean By Happy?

What exactly is the Happiness Club and what goes on there?  I bet those of you who haven’t gone are asking that question. Let’s see if I can fill you in. The Happiness Club was started in Madison by Madison resident Tina Garrity. 

This is what Tina says about The Happiness Club:

"I decided to start a Happiness Club meeting in Madison  in October of 2007. It has simply been a wonderful experience! I so enjoyed attending the meetings that Lionel Ketchian ran in Fairfield that I wanted to bring it to my own town.

Meetings held monthly, speakers address different topics

"The response to it has been far greater than I imagined. People love attending and I have been told by some that it has helped them to make positive changes in their lives! I always hear very positive feedback from people who attend the meetings.

"I run the meetings very similar to the Fairfield ones, I hold them monthly at the Madison Library and I have a different speaker each month on all different topics related to Happiness. I also like to talk about something that I may have read or heard about and I try to provide different handouts. It has truly brought greater happiness into my life and I so enjoy having the speakers pass on their incredible knowledge!"

Tina brings in speakers from across many spectrums,  spiritual, positive people who have learned how to live their lives with more meaning.  The discussions can be very enlightening, giving people the tools to live a more productive life, a life with more meaning.  The speakers want to give back what they have learned.

Sharing stories, finding a place to fit in

Some presentations are interactive, where the presenter engages the audience making them a part of the presentation.  Some speakers are more comfortable with themselves and they tell their story, how they arrived where they are now.

This is what happens at The Happiness Club.  People share their stories.  People who want to show that life isn’t all about chasing the almighty dollar.  It is so much better to be content and happy with where you are.  Be grateful for what you have.  Don’t always be looking for what’s around the next corner.

Stop by The Happiness Club sometime, you may just find that you fit here after all.

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. at the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, 801 Boston Post Road, Madison, Ct. 06443. To find out more about the club, and what exactly they mean by happy, you are welcome to go this coming Wednesday. Chris will be the guest speaker. Everyone is welcome; admission is free. Tina Garrity is the group facilitator.
Phone: 203-494-9940 E-mail: Ting45@aol.com


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