"We Will Play Ball In 2013!"

Here's what you can do to help the Strong Center at the Surf Club organization to garner more support for the Strong Center project.


From the Strong Center at the Surf Club organization:

We have delivered the last installment of the $450,000 requested by the town to bid Phase 1!   SO WE WILL PLAY BALL IN 2013!   The more we build now (new stands, field house, plaza, etc.) the cheaper the project will be! We need the STEAP Grant Funding the Town of Madison has applied for.

Please contact the following to lobby hard for the STEAP Grant for The Strong Center:  

Noreen Kokoruda, State Rep at

noreen.kokoruda@housegop.ct.gov or 800-842-1423 

Ed Meyer, State Senator at

Meyer@senatedems.ct.gov or 860-240-0455  

The request is being decided NOW and remember- in a election year, politicians like people to like them!

The press is helping raise awareness of the Strong Center STEAP Grant-read what the local press has to say:

Community Comes Together To Help Fund Strong Field Project

Funds lined up for work at Madison's Strong Field

Click Here To learn more about the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) Grant  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Robert Bracer October 15, 2012 at 10:08 AM
Really tired of spending money on projects that benefit special interest groups in this town. So many of us really don't care about or pay attention to football. I drive by the Senior Center and it's always empty and closed. I drive by the airport and with the exception of some large equipment parked there it hasn't been usable for years. Now the rich people of Madison want to get state money to bury power lines downtown. Enough is enough stop throwing good money after bad.
Matt October 15, 2012 at 03:03 PM
At least Strong Field and the surf club is heavily utilized. It may not be utilized by everyone. But it is a major piece of infrastructure to school athletic programs and the Beach & Rec programs. I don't know enough about the project to say this is a needed good idea or not, but at least many thousands of people can see and feel the results of it every year. Compare that to... everything else our "town leaders" have done.... - Power lines STEAP grant: $1,000,000 to put the power lines underground through the downtown block. This allegedly increases business patronage, increases employment, and adds business. Obviously it does nothing of the sort and is a waste of a million dollars. - Leyland Bailout / Griswold Purchase: $12,000,000 plus a state grant for absolutely nothing. A vacant lot for three years. Voters blatently lied to. - The Senior Palace: 4x larger than required. Also usually vacant. No plan to make better use of it. Asking for special appropriations to make modifications that they cut from the budget in order to get it passed the voters. - The Ambulance HQ: Value engineered down to bare bones and poor construction since it was only done to make room for the senior center. The building committee wanted their senior palace and did the bare minimum to get the ambulance "out of the way". They live there 24/7 and were treated like second class in-the-way material.
Pem McNerney October 15, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Robert, I don't really see what you're saying ... that this project only benefits a "special interest group" in town. This is where our high school sports teams play, including our football team, which is currently considered one of the best, if not the best program in the state. A game the other day attracted several thousand people, including Daniel Hand High School alumni from all over. Other sports are played on the field as well, which is currently in abysmal shape. In addition, this venue could be used for the arts and other community events. I no longer have a child in the school system, but I wholeheartedly support responsible spending on academics, extracurricular activities, and the sports programs. And not because it'll boost my property values, but because I appreciated the support the town gave the schools while my child was in school there, and I intend to support the schools and related programs, like this, for my friends, neighbors and others in the community who have children there. According to town officials, usage of the senior center is steadily climbing. Again, I don't see seniors as a special interest group. High school kids and their families, and senior citizens, are not really special interest groups, they are part of our community. As for the town's newest park, yes, there is construction equipment there making it a park.
Ron October 15, 2012 at 08:54 PM
With regard to the Senior Center, yes it would be great if other groups utilized the facility. Namely, Beach and Rec's jazzercise program, which continually bumps/disrupts the youth programs being conducted at the Arts Barn.


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