Up And Coming Madison Filmmaker Kickstarting Project

Here's how we can help him ....

SSW OFFICIAL | STORYBOARD. Photo credit: SSW Kickstarter Page
SSW OFFICIAL | STORYBOARD. Photo credit: SSW Kickstarter Page
Madison Hamburg, who grew up in Madison, is directing a movie and is funding it through Kickstarter. 

The goal is $7,000 by Feb. 5 at 11:30 p.m. So far more than $1,300 has been donated. 

Here's a description of the movie, from the Kickstarter website: 

"Hello and welcome to the world of Neil, a fifteen year old photo enthusiast. With his grandfather home from the hospice and his parents almost always at work, Neil's personal life is not a big topic around the house. In fact, Neil frequently spends days without even talking to his parents, whose divorce is on hold until he graduates high school. As of recent, Neil has found himself in a unique position. Eric, 16, a local bully that has targeted Neil for the last 4 years, has stolen Neil's favorite possession. The one thing he never leaves home without. His grandfather's camera. When Neil goes looking for it, he finds it at the only place that Eric would leave the camera for him. At the top of the old fire tower. With Neil's fear of heights, the camera hangs from the roof, taunting him. Fueled with the recent grief of his grandfather's debilitation and some unexpected turns, even Neil doesn't know what he is capable of."

Want to find out more, or to help? Visit the Kickstarter page. 


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