Surviving A Week Without A Bike

After all those miles, you'd think we'd be glad for the break. Instead, we couldn't wait to get back on our bikes.

It's been over a week without it.

Yes, without our bikes.

Yes, without the need to ride to a new town. Yes, without that feeling of total freedom while flying down a hill with all of your possessions in the four bags attached to you.

It has been a long week without all of that.

But the thing I missed most this week is that sparkle in a stranger's eye when he finds us in a store, on the side of the road, or eating lunch and asks us about bike touring, something he has always wanted to do. It's the same way a child's eyes light up (or Adam's for that matter) when you tell them to pick out their favorite candy at the store.

These conversations get us all giddy again about bike touring. We get to tell them all about the freedom, the sights, the people. And the best part is, we get to relive it all again.

Today, John came up to us outside of the grocery store and told us he's always wanted to do a tour across country. Another man couldn't wait to ask where we'd been, reliving some of his experiences through ours. Pablo and Tatiana shared their hopes of touring The Big Island, too, someday. And Marybeth couldn't resist taking out her map and showing us every place we could possibly want to ride to, including details on road conditions.

It's intoxicating. We've been without our bikes for only one week and already we missed the excitement of touring and sharing our experiences. We couldn't wait to get back on the bikes, feel the warm Hawaii breeze cooling our bodies, experience a new town by drinking in the sights, sounds, and smells.

Jenny and Ontwa(our bikes) have one more adventure to experience with us out here in Hawaii before we ship them home and they wait patiently for our next adventure. Knowing how we felt after one week without the bikes, I'm thinking another adventure isn't far off.

Christy and Adam are currently in Hawaii! So far...50 States!
Over 12,000 Miles! Over $25,000 Raised! To find out more, check out their blog at http://giveabike.blogspot.com/ or their Facebook Page at https:/ /www.facebook.com/giveabike. Christy will be writing occasional stories for Patch as she and her husband make their way through the U.S.

Madison Patch is proud to be the Connecticut sponsor for Adam and Christy's trip. If you'd like to sponsor their trip, visit this page on their website.


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