Going Crazy Or Enjoying The Moment? How Are You Making Do?

Friday night overnight into Saturday, the blizzard hit. Saturday, we were faced with the realization that we'd be snowed in. What are you doing to spend the time? Here are some thoughts from Madison Patch readers ...




I'm still snowed in, as of Sunday afternoon.

I have half of my car cleared off, and part of the driveway [thanks to my awesome neighborhood shovel/snowplow brigade], but the road is still a block of ice and snow, so I'm going nowhere in that car.

I've been spending the weekend with those neighbors, getting some work done, eating too much and, yes, engaging in payloader envy.

There's a rumor that we have a payloader on the way. But I'm beginning to wonder if that's just some wishful thinking on the part of our neighborhood.

So I just invited the neighbors over for dinner here [my turn] and am trying to finish up my work so I can tidy up the house a bit first. When they get here, I'm going to eat too much. Because my neighbors? They can cook. 

Here are what some other Madison residents are doing while snowed in by the Great Blizzard of February '13. 

Asiye Kay is spending time with her girls, getting [even more] organized, and, of course, relying upon chocolate. Here's what she had to say:

Visibility clear, mobility zero! Lots of indulging good food, smell of mint, pampering moments, Turkish tea and Netflix movies... of course DARK CHOCOLATE!!! Clean e-mail inboxes, accumulated paper work is done. Tons of overseas phone calls from worried family members and friends... I am sure some of you who know me personally, can imagine my house by now is spotless. Silverware is shined (again), sheets are washed, drawers are organized. Referring to some old poems, books and albums... Cuddling with my girls and giggling. For some odd reason this blizzard makes me happy. I don't know what is waiting but we are enjoying the moment. Hope you can all do the same. Stay safe everyone! Today: we are planning to shovel a bit, look at the old pictures and make a family tree with some old pictures. We will try some new recipes and hibernate.

Nikki Carbone McIntyre is enjoying time spent with her family while snowed in.

Been outside in the snow quite often, playing. Baking a lot of yummy foods.

Karen Lucibello Daigle is doing what I'm doing:

I'm eating too much I know that!

Linda Milisits Paine had a nice dinner with her wonderful neighbors:

We had to wear snow pants to walk to the house next door! 

And I've spoken with a few others who are absolutely going crazy. How about you? Going crazy [understandable!] or enjoying the moment [good for you!]?

Let us know in the comments below. 

jassgal February 10, 2013 at 11:58 PM
The snow removal in town is a disgrace. Its been two days and not a plow in sight. can't get our drive cleaned because the private contractor can't come on the street. Food is low and folks have to go to work.


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