Clear Those Hydrants!

And remember to make your mailbox accessible too. If your trash hauler can't make it down your street, remember you can take household garbage to the transfer station.


Please remember to clear fire hydrants in your neighborhood of snow. The same goes for the snow around your mailbox, and side-vented heating systems. If you have a flat roof, you should try to remove the snow from there as well.

Our volunteer firefighters have been working around the clock since the blizzard began and often head out after the storm to clear as many hydrants as they can, but what a nice thing for them if they get to your neighborhood and find it already done.

Clear a path to the hydrant, and clear as much space around it as you can, up to several feet would be best, if possible. 

And remember to make your mailbox accessible. Mail carriers are not supposed to deliver mail if they cannot do so without leaving their trucks. I've seen mail carriers around town doing the best they can with many mailboxes that remain accessible, but it's not safe or wise for them to leave their trucks to negotiate many of the high snowbanks that remain around many mailboxes. 

If your garbage hauler cannot make it down the street, remember you can take trash to the Madison transfer station, in Guilford. There is a fee for dropping off garbage, but dropping off a few bags there might be better than leaving them out for animals to get to, if it starts to pile up by the end of the week. 

Information about location and hours are available online

Herb February 14, 2013 at 09:42 PM
A special thanks to the State plow and road crews!!! I was in the process of clearing out the snow in front of a hydrant and the State crew had a heavy duty payloader pulled over and in two passes did what it would have taken me the rest of the day. THANK YOU - THANK YOU


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