"A Tree Topper On A Grand Scale!"

Madison Patch reader Andrea Panullo posted a beautiful picture on our Facebook page. We asked Janet Connolly from the Audubon Shop in Madison to tell us about it ...


Andrea Panullo was taking a walk Sunday at the Surf Club in Madison when she saw a grand bird a top a big tree in Madison's beach park.

She posted it to our Facebook page.

This is what bird expert Janet Connolly from the Audubon Shop in Madison had to say about it:

"Now, that's a tree topper on a grand scale! From here it looks like a Great Blue Heron. They stand about 4 feet tall! Funny to see a wading bird at the top of a tree, eh?," she said.

While grand, it's not that unusual in Madison, she said.

"Many herons and egrets nest in trees, in big congregations called "rookeries". Safety in numbers. Tuxis Island off the Madison coast is host to at least one rookery," she said.

Andrea, a Madison resident and the owner of bellaPerlina in downtown Madison, said she was happy to live in a town where such sights are not that ususual.

"We are very luck to live in such a special town," Andrea said in her Facebook post.


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