14 CT Towns with the Most U.S. Veterans

Counting down the towns with the most and fewest veterans per capita.

With a new month comes a new data series, and with Memorial Day in the rearview mirror and Independence Day on the horizon, Patch will be looking for the most patriotic town in Connecticut.

We start this series off with a look at the number of residents that have served in the military, using U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey estimates for 2012.

The lists above and below show the towns with the most veterans per capita (divided by the total population over the age of 18) and the least, respectively.

For more, check out this interactive map showing the distribution of local veterans by war (or combination), looking back over the last 70-plus years. The map is color-coded by which conflicts the most local veterans within that zip code served in.

Fewest Veterans per Capita

Brookfield: 0.063
  • Population: 12,629
  • Veterans: 791

New Britain: 0.062
  • Population: 56,107
  • Veterans: 3,495

Darien: 0.059
  • Population: 13,252
  • Veterans: 784

Scotland: 0.059
  • Population: 101
  • Veterans: 6

Easton: 0.057
  • Population: 5,388
  • Veterans: 309

Norwalk: 0.057
  • Population: 69,146
  • Veterans: 3,921

Danbury: 0.056
  • Population: 64,405
  • Veterans: 3,623

Wilton: 0.056
  • Population: 12,416
  • Veterans: 698

Bridgeport: 0.044
  • Population: 106,738
  • Veterans: 4,718

Mansfield: 0.043
  • Population: 22,649
  • Veterans: 968

Stamford: 0.042
  • Population: 95,171
  • Veterans: 4,005

New Haven: 0.040
  • Population: 100,398
  • Veterans: 4,062

Hartford: 0.039
  • Population: 90,946
  • Veterans: 3,504

Old Lyme: 0.0
  • Population: 116
  • Veterans: 0
Catherine & Dennis June 02, 2014 at 06:58 PM
See above. Apparently "facts" are not checked prior to releasing the story
Thad Burr June 02, 2014 at 07:32 PM
It would be beneficial to all your readers if you explained the sources for these "rankings". There are many people in the State who have served in Viet Nam, the Gulf War, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and who have combat ribbons, but who did not complete 20 years and therefore are not eligible for a military pension. Are those veterans included in this listing?
bordwithbs June 03, 2014 at 06:00 AM
Population for Danbury is off by 20,000. Invalid data makes this article useless. Census Bureau People QuickFacts Danbury Connecticut Population definition and source info Population, 2012 estimate 82,807
Aaron Boyd June 03, 2014 at 12:06 PM
@bordwithbs: the population figures are for residents 18 and over, per the Census Bureau.
Pedro June 03, 2014 at 02:04 PM
Hooyah Ledyard!!


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