LAST WEEK to write your letter to SANTA!

(Photo) Caroline Callahan (mailing letter) to Santa with her sister Cate Callahan.

Last Week to write to SANTA!

Santa’s Mailboxes will be located at Robert's and Stop & Shop in Madison until Thursday, December 18th this year. Each child who drops his or her letter to Santa in these mailboxes will receive a personalized reply from him. Santa asks that you please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with each letter. Due to the high volume of letters, the Women's Club of Madison is providing administrative services to help get the letters to Santa so that they can all be answered. This year the Madison Newcomers Club, lead by Eileen Moulin; President has connected with the Women’s Club in the first joint civic activity between the groups in several years-but not the last! This special event is sponsored by the Women’s Club of Madison and is one of the many community projects that the Club does throughout the year! Season’s Greetings to all!

Katherine DeBurra; President, The Women's Club of Madison

Kathy DeBurra December 13, 2013 at 03:32 PM
A huge thank you to the members of the Newcomers who helped bring many smiles to many children and parents! Eileen Moulin you are a great leader with wonderful enthusiasm! It is a pleasure to work with organizations in this Town!
Katie December 15, 2013 at 07:56 AM
My boys did not include a self-addressed stamped envelope in their letters because they already received one, but the members of Newcomers still sent a letter back with their detective skills. One letter did mention our address, but the other didn't. How did they know they were brothers and reply to both of them? My husband and I were shocked when the letter from Santa's workshop arrived!
Kathy DeBurra December 15, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Santa knows! Saw your names on the NICE list! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


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