2014 Nite In Hand Needs You!

2014 NIH Event Chairs (L to R ) Danielle Mazzafero, Jill Swimmer. Annie Watts and Joann Guay
2014 NIH Event Chairs (L to R ) Danielle Mazzafero, Jill Swimmer. Annie Watts and Joann Guay

Planning for the 2014 Nite-in-Hand celebration is well underway!! Nite-in-Hand is a fun, safe and substance free 
evening of celebration held graduation night at the Daniel Hand High School.  Traditionally, Nite in Hand allows Madison's grads to spend the entire night celebrating together in a safe sober environment.

 This is an event that requires the help of the entire Madison community! Fundraising events include the Senior Auction, which is a great opportunity for the community to come out and show  their support.   The auction will be held Thursday, May 1st in the DHHS Cafe at 7:00pm. Other fundraisers will be announced as well.


 This year's Event Co Chairs are Jill Swimmer (jillswimmer1@aol.com), Annie Watts (acwatts62@gmail.com), Danielle Mazzafero (haphap@sbcglobal.net) and Joann Guay (jjguay@aol.com).  We have numerous committee's being chaired by wonderful parent volunteers who look forward to adding volunteers to their committee's. This event takes a village!!! Check it out on the DHHS web site.

Want to get involved?? Make new friends and work with old ones, than please come to our planning meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every month in the DHHS Media library at 7:00pm.

"Like" our page on Facebook, spread the word!! We look forward to seeing you on March 4th!

jill Swimmer February 25, 2014 at 10:20 AM
This looks great. Is there anyway to move this to another area of patch?? Thanks


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